AWC Awards

All profits from AWC activities go to its charitable work in giving the following awards:

  • Philanthropy award (annually) to a project in or near Copenhagen
  • Scholarship award (every three years) to Danes wishing to study in the US
  • Cultural awards (every three years) to Americans living in Denmark

Philanthropy Award for 2012 - Landsforeningen Præmatures Vilkår


Landsforeningen Premature Vilkår (LPV) received AWC’s Philanthropy Award for for their outstanding work in supporting families who experience prematurity.

Approx. 4,600 premature children are born each year. Not all of these infants are physically or mentally affected by their early and harsh start in life, but for the many who are, science-based knowledge is essential for a good childhood and beyond.

LPV’s support may be in the form of physiological help and/or actual help in interpreting and utilizing the social laws, help to self-help and general information of having a premature child.

Just as important, disseminating information to all the people who are in contact with premature children, e.g. courses, lectures, booklets are LPVs primary information sources.

AWC’s award of DKK 12,000 will help LPV to increase their scope of information. These funds will be used to create and implement an APP where users can quickly access relevant information on premature children.

The photo above shows Joan Oppenheim, chairwoman of the AWC Philanthropy committee presenting the award to Karina Rothoff, Næstformand of Landsforeningen Præmatures Vilkår.

Philanthropy Award - Recipients from the last ten years

  • Look Good…Feel Better (courses for women who are in out-patient treatment for cancer)
  • KRIS Kristen Rådgivning for Incestofre og Seksuelt misbrugte
  • Dansk Kvindesamfund Krisecenter i Vodroffsvej
  • Heart Pillow Project for women with breast surgery
  • Blågårds Kirke “Meals for the Needy”
  • Muhabet (Meeting place for immigrants and refugees with psychological problems
  • Drys Ind , the oldest day center in Denmark
  • Support Group for Late Brain-Damaged Children
  • Alexandra Collegium , for single mothers in education programs
  • Hjernesagen Copenhagen & Frederiksberg, Afasi Center
  • Volunteer Center, Vedbæk, installing smoke alarms for elderly people’s homes
  • SIV Children’s Home in Farum
  • SOVI, for autistic people
  • Danish Council of Alcohol & Addiction DCAA
  • Handicap OL
  • Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims
  • School for the Deaf

If you would like to participate in our philanthropy activities contact Joan Oppenheim at

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