Federation of American Women's Clubs

FAWO Conference, 14–16 March, Brussels, Belgium

See the FAWCO Foundation website (http://www.fawcofoundation.org) for photos and more information about the Conference than will fit here. As usual, it was a noisy, frenetic and effective gathering of impressive women from all over the world. Here are some of the facts and actions most relevant for us here in Copenhagen.


FAWCO’s and AWC’s Mary Stewart Burgher took part in the U.S. Issues and Face 2 Face sessions, urging all overseas American to register to vote. (Go to the FAWCO website to do so (https://fawco.overseasvotefoundation.org/vote/home.htm) right now if you have not done so already.)

Regional FAWCO meetings in the fall

Three Scandinavian clubs (Region 2) were represented – AWC Denmark, Oslo and Malmö – but all our members are already invited to the Region 2 regional meeting, hosted by Oslo, on 10–12 October – and the Region 5 regional in Hamburg on 14–16 November. Come to both to meet your FAWCO sisters, do some business and have a lot of fun. Costs will be low: just travel and the event fee, as participants can stay in the homes of host clubs’ members (on a first come, first served basis).

Charitable work

All combined (including the gorgeous quilt pieced by AWC Denmark alumna Roberta Zöllner), the Conference raised about $40,000 for FAWCO’s charitable work, including the new Target program, “Free the Girls: Giving Women a Way out of Human Trafficking” (http://freethegirls.org). See the Foundation website for more (http://www.fawcofoundation.org), including a photo competion you may wish to enter.

In addition to giving away thousands of dollars in development grants, FAWCO received $300 more from AWC Denmark at the Conference, a donation to the NEEED project, which has now educated dozens of young women in Burkina Faso as midwives, nurses and teachers. (Our club started this ball rolling by nominating NEED for a grant in 2007.)

AWC Denmark scholarship winner!

The Conference closed with the awarding of grants and scholarships, including a scholarship for the child of one of our members: the Dual Cultural Award ($1,500), Sponsored in part by Donna Erismann and AWC Bern, in memory of Suzanne Erismann – went to Alexander Nielsen, son of Holly Nielsen, member of AWC Denmark since 2005. Alex is 15 years old and a Danish and US citizen. He attends Rygaards School in Hellerup, Denmark. He will complete 9th grade this year, and plans to spend the 2014–2015 school year in an American High School before choosing an area of focus for his further studies. Alex looks forward to doing something completely different, to learning what daily life is like for American high school students, and to playing baseball and American football during this exchange year. Here’s a shot of Alex’ mom Holly receiving the award certificate.

Don’t forget that FAWCO scholarships are open to FAWCO members (that’s you) and their children, without regard to nationality or location (in most cases). Why don’t you think about applying for one next year?Americans, register now:


















Mary Stewart Burgher

Mary Stewart Burgher