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FAWCO’s Human Rights Team will host a three-day virtual conference, Human Rights in Focus, from Thursday to Saturday, 4–6 November 2021 (15:00–21:00 CET).
The Conference is packed with 20 sessions designed:

  1. to raise your awareness of global human rights issues, such as human trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, migration and how to create change for women and girls;
  2. to highlight the impact of FAWCO programs, such as the 2020–2022 Target Project, which aims to eliminate female genital mutilation in districts of Tanzania (click here for an interim report on the project);
  3. to provide opportunities for networking; and
  4. to bring you face to face with speakers from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and the CNN Freedom Project.

Learn how FAWCO is making a lasting impact to make the world a better place for women and girls. Go to the FAWCO website to download the agenda, read biographies of the speakers and sign up for the Conference.
To support FAWCO’s work against human trafficking, you can buy the e-book, Hope is a Thing with Feathers: Portraits of Human Trafficking Survivors and Change Makers,for $20 per copy.
Interested in doing more to get your finances in order? Why not attend an open webinar, part of a series of FAWCO club workshops: “An American Woman’s Roadmap to Becoming a High-Net-Worth Investor”? It will be held on Wednesday, 17/11, 19:00–20:00.
See The FAWCO Foundation’s website to find out about FAWCO’s Target Project, the scholarships and Development Grants available for 2022, and club fundraising tools. Remember that any FAWCO member (and all AWC members are members of FAWCO) can apply for relevant scholarships for themselves, their children or grandchildren, and that any club can nominate projects to receive Development Grants. See also the Target Project’s Facebook page
Wonderful holiday cards are available from FAWCO’s Tharien Van Eck. See her website to check out the collection and order. All purchases benefit FAWCO’s Target Project.

Remember that AWC members are automatically FAWCO members, but you have to register to use the FAWCO website. Contact me (jonellelemckedk@gmail.com, 6130 8437) or register today if you have not done so.

Remember that AWC members are automatically FAWCO members, but you have to register. Contact me or register today if you have not done so already at https://www.fawco.org/









Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke