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Stork Club Stork

When:          Monday, September 22 at 10:00 – 12:00
Where:         The home of Fiona Thomas in Charlottenlund.
Speaker:      Chris Knight, lactation specialist
Cost:           10 kroner
RSVP:         By Sunday, September 21 to jonellecarter@lemcke.dk,

Chris Knight is a lactation scientist at Copenhagen University. Chris explains his work and says the following: “My research is what we call "basic science" (in other words, trying to understand biological mechanisms), "integrative" ("how does a whole animal work" rather than "how does a gene work") and "comparative" (deliberately contrasting different mammalian species). I work with cows but also with mice (and bats!) and I am also involved in breastfeeding projects, including in relation to premature birth. My objectives are to improve the welfare of the producers of milk (cows and breastfeeding mothers) and the consumers of milk (babies, but also children and adults through to pensioners). My talk will address in more general terms the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, and then also give some interesting (I hope!) examples of lactation in different species to compare with breastfeeding.”


The Stork Club is a support group for women wishing to become pregnant, those who are pregnant and those who have given birth in the past three years. Eight experienced leaders work with the group and are available for advice and consultation. You can find a detailed list of these specialists if you follow this link: Stork Club Advisors.

Mah Jong

When:           Every Monday, 10:00 - 15:00
Where:         Gwen Nielsen's in Allerød.
Contact:        Karen Kratina klkratina@hotmail.com for details

Mah Jong is a Chinese game played with tiles. It is easy to learn and we welcome new players!


When:          Monday, September 22 at 10:00
Where:         Skt. Peders Vej 5, Hellerup
Cost:            The price per person for the season will be 450 DKK or 60 DKK for a single attendance.
Contact:       To join this group as a pair or as a single substitute, call Irene Botved at 4922 2148.
Note:           Remember to bring a sandwich for lunch.

Summer Tennis (LINK)

Registration for Summer Tennis is now open. The summer membership allows you to book courts at HIK, Hartmannsvej 37, 2900 Hellerup on weekdays, where you will be able to play from 8:00 until 14:00. 
All levels are welcome! You will find full information about rules and registration on Link Tennis at Facebook.

Cost for the entire summer is DDK 1400. (May 1 - Sept 15) 
Cost for half season is DDK 1000 (from May 1-July 15 or July 15 - Sept 15).


Men and women, children and teens, several different levels.
For info visit the web site http://www.gsk-softball.dk/  (also available in English); or write to Lars Nielsen at larshollynielsen@mail.dk

Horseback Riding

If you have any questions about stables, horses, etc. please contact Guarn Nissen















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